Сareer History

1Lera Strelchina has been working at 26483 for ten years.

E-mail: strelchina@gmail.com

I came to the position of office manager when I was still in my fifth year at the university. Alexei Kovalev as a leader and mentor, and the company as a whole, gave me a great deal of personal development. Firstly, I have mastered all the technical skills – work with PC, data entry and my favorite, Excel. Secondly, I’ve improved my level of English. I even received experience in driving a car at 26483!

26483 is a company that provides so many opportunities and doesn’t limit the professional development for the employees who are interested and active. It only depends on your desire to take part in working on projects, solving problems , and willingnessto take responsibility for yourself. If you are ready to do something, then in 26483 “green light”and full support are provided!

I remember myself in the early months of my employment when I didn’t know how to do much and lacked confidence and experience. Working for 10 years in 26483 gave me the decisiveness to a new call of my career. Thanks to the skills and experience gained in the 26483, now I am successfully in my favorite business. Together with my friend, I’m engaged in promotion and development of the recruiting company.

IMGP512111Svetlana Tulyev, head of the Joint Design Center

She worked in the ELO Media from 2005 to 2007.

Underher guidance, the magazines”Paper and Life” and “Polymers -Money” which were issued by 26483 acquired the unique and bright appearance. A huge number of the most complex custom-made products of factory printing were designed by Svetlana and her colleagues. Svetlana had to leave the company in because of her emigration to Canada. To this day, colleagues remember her good-natured smile at every corporate meeting.

tulievs_2014For me 26483is

– A companyin which, after asking a colleague in the cafeteria, “Alex, give me a spoon,” a spoon may be given by the manager, Alexei Yurievich. :)

— A company in which workers of the design center dress up for Halloween and go to the CFO(finance director) for treats. :)

— A company in which the name of the florist is Violet:)

Vasetskaya Uliana, PR-manager

Has been working at 26483 for 9 years. IMG_8597

E-mail: uliana.vasetskaya@gmail.com

Uliana for 26483 – is a soul of bright, positive emotions, source of inspiration. Thanks to her outstanding abilities and ideas 26483 got its special image.

Active creator of corporate culture, great organizer, initiator of interesting and special events and, especially – the keeper of the warm atmosphere inside the company. Responsive, open and ready to help everyone, Uliana could always put the spark into the fire in the souls of workers even in most difficult times.

Right after graduation from my first university I was kindly invited to try myself in 26483 as PR-manager.

Hardly having any experience in the area – I was given a chance! That is why I compare beginning of my work with the small bird coming out of the egg shell: it has wings already but there are so many new and interesting things which will actually teach him fly. For 9 years of my work in the company I was moving around the office (there was even a special working spot created especially for me!) and also – high up the career ladder. Those things I had learnt here lay down on my shoulders as a huge but so pleasant load of knowledge and skills: skills and experience of working with people, being attentive to the smallest details, ability to bring strange and sometime impossible ideas into life.

The last couple of years here I was administrating business-center of 10.000 sq.m. And then in 2010 when becoming a grown-up bird – I flew out into the world and thus making it possible for the fresh blood to try their best in the company. I really feel jealous for them because 26483 – is super cool!

Right now I dedicate most of my time to the very active two year old girl and just got my second university degree.