26483 is a leading supplier on the Ukrainian market of a wide range of polymer films, packaging material, office paper, office supplies and products for school and office from different manufacturers.

26483 is the exclusive dealer of such companies as Troitskaya Paper Factory (Russia), RKW (Sweden). Our partners include EcoLean (Sweden), Biaxplen (Russia), Stora Enso (Finland), Double A (Thailand), Taghleef Industries (UAE ) and many other foreign providers.

26483 has modern infrastructure, its own production printing (Kiev factory “POLYGRAPHIST”) and Ukraine’s largest in stock of polymer films, packaging materials, and fat and water-resistant paper for the food industry.

The high technical training of the management provided fast startup for the production of the AI-10 light aircraft, which has successfully grown to readiness for transition to full-scale production of the updated model for export.

26483 is a trade and production company, well-known to publishers, printers and packagers as a company with high standards of work, tidy infrastructure and excellent professional team. As an employer 26483 is always in search of honest, active and cheerful people. We are open to new, innovative ideas in our work, and are ready are ready for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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